Action News

Action News GameBy the same people that brought us The Contender we now have Action News. I also funded this Kickstarter project. It took them a lot longer to deliver this game. It was popular and got funded quickly, but it think from what I read it was more expensive to make then was anticipated.

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The Contender

The Contender GameThe Contender is a card game about political debate. I heard about it on the Night Attack show from Jason Robert Young. He was one of the founder of the Kickstarter project, which I help fund.

I have not had a chance to really play this game as it came out around the time of the 2016 Presidential Election and nerves were still a bit raw on both sides and I didn’t think it was a good time to share a game about political debate in that environment.

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YouTube TV review

YouTube TV logoI have been using YouTube TV for a while now and feel I can give it a decent review and recommendation.

I have been a subscriber of Cable TV & Satellite TV services. I have tried Sling TV, DirectTV Now

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Star Trek Outpost

Star Trek OutpostStar Trek Outpost is Audio Drama from Giant Gnome Productions. Life is good for Lt. Greg Torkelson aboard the USS Remington a Starfleet research vessel stationed near the Venderis Nebula. However, when word comes that he’s been promoted to the Executive Officer of Deep Space Station 3,

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Superfight Loot Crate pack I was introduced to this additive card game from a small expansion deck in a Loot Crate box I got one month. In a short time I ended up buying the full game and a bunch of expansion decks of the Superfight game.

I found out later that the Superfight game started out as a Kickstarter project.

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Thrilling Adventure Hour

I discovered this show when listening to another podcast. One of the host were talking about Thrilling Adventure Hour and I had to check it out. It was described as an old-timey radio shows does as a modern podcast. I looked more into it and it was a stage show in Los Angeles that got recorded and posted as a podcast.

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